No, you can't have my number, but is e-mail okay?

Believe it or not, I have said that before, no he didn't take it (thankfully). 


In all seriousness, you want my contact deets? You got them! All I ask is that ALL ENQUIRIES/MESSAGES to be sent to or through my Instagram direct messages. Please feel free to message me about my content and what you would like to see, I love that! A few of you have so far and it makes this feel worthwhile, I do this to connect with you guys!


I spend an unhealthy amount of time on Twitter, so you can find my thoughts and daily updates there because let's face it, what else would I be doing?! (You'll probably find my best comedic content there too). For more visual updates my Insta is the way to go, my stories are usually updated daily and post roughly once a week, this is probably the best place to reach me too! I'd hand my TikTok out but there's nothing there and I'm too embarrassed to post anything. For all I think I'm funny, I'm not TikTok funny.

Read my newest posts below:

WooHoo! You did it! You'll be notified of my new posts via e-mail.