46 Hours in Edinburgh

We recently travelled to Edinburgh, Scotland, where we visited tooooo many cocktail bars, good restaurants, and the local small businesses.

In April me and Harvey decided that we'd book a staycation for 2 nights in Edinburgh (we were sucked in by the post-COVID deals, obviously) and we somewhat accidentally documented the entire trip on my camera/our phones.

So in true return to-what-I-wanted-to-do-anyways fashion, here's a big fat dump of our time away and all of our recommendations of things to do, places to go, and where to eat!


The Journey

We caught the 11.30 am train from our local train station and had a changeover to one of the new LNER trains, which is something neither of us have travelled on yet. The idea of having a cafe on the train (can I get a wtf) was actually a little hard to understand, but anyways. The whole journey was around 3 and a half hours long, but being able to get out and travel a little was the refresher I certainly needed after needing to isolate just a week beforehand.


Now, entertaining myself is something I pride myself in. I'm always the first with a list of things to take to keep me occupied, and a bunch of movies/series downloaded on my phone through Netflix or Disney+, and this time was no different. After 18 months of essentially being locked down, I've mastered the art of keeping myself entertained and warding off boredom.

The journey consisted of a LOT of Benidorm (my latest craze), eavesdropping on conversations I probably shouldn't have done, and a little of admiring the glimpse of the Scottish coast ( they have bluer waters than anywhere else in the UK!).

Great food, greater company.


Reading reviews of local restaurants is something I actually do a lot in my spare time, I'm a foodie at heart and I will always check the menu of every single place I eat before I even step foot in the building.

We were having a walk around the center of Edinburgh and honestly, we were just looking for somewhere to stop and have a drink, where we came across the Amarone. We originally went in for a couple of cocktails and somewhere to stop my feet from aching (I'm forever making the wrong shoe choice) and actually left with a dinner reservation which we were apparently extremely lucky to get!

We spent the last night of our mid-week adventure eating good food and honestly just in a food coma. But... is there anything better than that?


Walking around for a while got us seeing some beautiful shop fronts and cocktail bars, which is something that often draws me in the most. You got a cute sign? GREAT that's all I need to know.

We visited the Revolution Bar too, which we do genuinely think would have been the equivalent to SOHO in Newcastle pre-COVID, but since the bars close at 10pm this is the closest we could get. The cocktails were on offer and BONUS student discount so win-win, I'm milking that for all it's worth. We also ordered a food platter (not 100% sure why looking back, I was far from hungry) which was lovely and they even had a photo booth.

We did visit more than just the Revolution but if I spoke about every single place we visited I swear we'd be here for a good couple of years and my hand would cramp tbh.

Beautiful Breakfasts

Before we headed home, we saw this lovely little cafe called Em's Kitchen across the road from our hotel and decided to give it a go. It's a renovation of a street house into a chic and very pink cafe covered in fake flowers. It was a lovely atmosphere to be in before we had to stomach a 3-hour train journey. The Nutella and banana pancakes were a great 10/10 in my book.

General Sightseeing

Bloody Big Buildings

After walking around for a good couple of hours, we stopped at Mary's Milk Bar to get some ice cream

(this place had been highly recommended to me by a couple of people so we decided to give it a go) and oh my GOD it was actually one of the best things ever.

The girls in Mary's were some of the loveliest people ever and we both said we'd definitely be going back if we ever got the chance.

The weather was amazing (considering at home was covered in thunderstorms, I guess I have the good weather charm) and people were sat sunbathing on the grass near what I can only describe as a village center, so we decided to join them and do the same.

The Royal Strip

We actually walked down here on our first night unintentionally realising where we were, hence the photo of me with the big nose shop ig (you can see this on my insta here)

The entire place was filled with small businesses MY FAVE! I love seeing people doing something they're passionate about, from the Celtic Jewellery available to the amazing hand-made clothes shops, each one had so much character it was hard to actually pick a favourite. Again, the better the shop front for me the better.

The first staycation of 2021 was amazing and made me remember how much I love exploring new places and re-visiting those I already know I love. This was definitely the first of many, as restrictions ease I seriously hope that we have the opportunity to get out and go places whenever we want. I suppose being a tourist isn't too bad after all.

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