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5 Hours in Whitby

So, on Sunday, Harvey and myself decided to have a walk around Whitby, I haven't been there in a good year (me and my family last went when we took my dog when we first got him, but it's sooo much easier just going on your own) and honestly I have done nothing but work for the past two weeks, so we figured why not.


We arrived at around 11.30am (we set off a lot later than most would in all honesty) and we had a small disaster with parking (we found a car park right near the train station but it was £5 for 4 hours) so we went and found a leisure centre and paid £3 for 6 hours (I think? Harvey drove so I don't know exactly). We went and did the 100 steps (ew) leading to Whitby Abbey which was NOT my cup of tea, but it was one way to work up an appetite. We then

headed to the Magpie Café for fish and chips (this is wildly hyped about, which I can see why for the food), honestly I don't tend to like cafes and restaurants that are set out in what I call 'house layouts' and I did feel claustrophobic walking in, but once we'd sat down and had been served, the mood sort of lightened. The food was unbelievable and the portions were huge for a 'small' portion, so I do think that the Cafe is good value for money. The Magpie Café is located on the 'stretch' of Whitby near the bridge.

After we'd went for something to eat, we decided to go to the amusements where we actually played mini-golf (it was pirate themed so that was fun) and by the end of it we weren't exactly taking the game seriously but Harvey did win (ew, again). And then we just went for a walk along the front and along the surrounding shops.

On our way back to the car park we found a coffee shop called Khyber Barr where we stopped for a tea and a hazelnut hot chocolate (guess who's is who's). Khyber Barr is a small coffee shop (and shop in generally (Whitby rock specifically)) which honestly was at just the right place for us both walking back to the car since it was so cold, for me at least.

To finish off, I don't think that us Teessiders really appreciate the stuff we have surrounding us, we always say how this is a terrible area to live in, but when looking at the areas around us (Beamish, York, Whitby, Saltburn etc.) and some of the events that happened last year (Big Weekend (which I might actually make a whole post about because that weekend was offit and it might help those going to the 2020 one) and Party on the Beach) it's just shown that we have so much around us and we're often completely oblivious to it all.

But yeah, I think that's probably enough from me. I bet you're all sick of me posting my new updates all over my Facebook and my other socials (which you can actually find using the icons at the top of my website (underneath the logo for mobile, under the photo for web)) but this is just the way it is now lads. That's it tbh.

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