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7 Netflix Shows I've Been Loving this Lockdown

During this lockdown I'm sure we've all been binge-watching TV, along with trying to entertain ourselves by re-decorating for the billionth time and baking (a new specialty of mine). My favourites of the month have been Netflix and Disney+, but with Disney+ the only thing I've really been watching is High School Musical (I mean, who wouldn't?!) and of course The Sweet Life of Zack and Cody, so I figured I'd go back to my beloved watch list and share what I've been loving this lockdown on Netflix. I think I've had quite a varied watch this month, especially since I've had the time to sit and watch the things I wouldn't usually watch and/or give a chance (if the photo doesn't amuse me, neither will the series is my current mindset), and I've officially broadened my horizons, so these are my favourites for the month of April!

Gossip Girl

Possibly the best series going at the moment! All about New York's Elite living on the Upper East Side and their transitions from college to university, and all things in-between. I'm currently on season two and I am obsesssssed! I actually tried to watch this before and I got so confused at the end of season one (if anyone has watched it, the Georgina situation messed me up) and I've decided to give it a go and it's soo much better this time around! Anyone between the ages of maybe 15-23 will honestly love this, it's a hard watch at times (I find it a little dull sometimes, but rarely and it's never for long) and there's always something that goes on that changes the entire storyline. I usually play this on a night, specifically when I'm in bed, it's such a nice thing to watch when you have nothing else going on, but it's not like any of us do right now anyway!


I'm specifically talking about season 3 here, I loved Atypical from the moment the first series came out (I think maybe 2 years ago?) and it's been so fun keeping up with the characters and seeing how they all adapt with the changes in the family house. This is about an autistic boy named Sam, who wants to move away to college and has a pretty unusual home-life after his mother was caught cheating with a bartender. During the series you get to see how the family adjust to a new way of life, partially including the mother and you get to see the lives of Sam and his sister, Casey, and how they adapt to this new way of living also. I was hooked from the first time I watched it and finished the entire first season in a day, and I have done the same with the second, and now the third! There is a final season coming out in 2021, so I'm really looking forward to it!


An absolute cult classic. Obviously everyone knows what this show is and who is involved! Whilst there's some mixed opinions on the show and some different remarks made about it, it's been one of my favourites ever since I was little and I grew up watching them on repeat on E4 and now it's moved to Netflix! For those that don't know, there's six friends and you get to follow their journey growing up/settling down, and seeing everything they get up to (well, in a 30 minute long episode you do!). I use this mainly as background noise to be honest, and I use this as noise to do my uni work to! I think having something in the background that I know I love and that I already know the plot line too really helps, and it stops me from distracting myself!

Stranger Things

Another Netflix classic, possibly the OG of Netflix Originals! This is another one I've been obsessed with since it came out, and I've followed it ever since! I really didn't think I'd enjoy this series and honestly it freaked me out to begin with (I genuinely thought it was a horror, and I hate horrors (for the most-part anyway, I can never watch them alone)) but it surprised me. We follow Will Byers, who goes missing, taken and put in the 'Upside-Down' and it's up to his friends to rescue him from the Demogorgon. It's loosely based off of Dungeons and Dragons and it's probably one of, if not THE best, Netflix Original yet! But real talk - is Hopper really gone?

Nailed It!

This series definitely feeds the Mary Berry within me! Each episode features three different amateur bakers who compete to win a $10,000 prize by attempting to re-create cakes that are made by professionals. It's such a light-hearted TV show that I put on when I can never find anything else to watch, it's the closest thing I'll get to The Great British Bake Off during this lockdown and I'm definitely here for it! This is probably the lightest show of them all, the hosts are pretty funny (although they can get pretty annoying, so watch in chunks!) and it just brings out my inner baking critique, as if I could do it all myself!

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

Oh my God where do I even start with this?! This show goes from 0 to 100 REAL QUICK, I couldn't believe what I was watching. If you want something that will make you sit there and question Joe Exotic and his entire existence, this is it! Honestly, this show had my head spinning from start to finish, I really couldn't keep up with it all, one minute you're seeing cute tigers and the next you're hearing about an attempted assassination?! I really encourage you to watch this one if you love crazy and out there things, it isn't for everyone but it really is a conversation starter. For example, did Carole Baskin kill her husband?! (I think so).

The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez

I know I'm kinda leaving it on a sad note, but this is an awful true story that I genuinely believe needs to be heard about. Gabriel Fernandez was an eight year old boy who died from abuse from his 'mother' and 'step-father', the ones you would expect to look after this little boy the most out of anyone. This series is about the trials that took place and the evidence that proved them both guilty and lead the step-father to being sentenced to Death Row. I personally believe they both should have been given that sentence, but that's not down to me. This is an issue that should be spoken widely about and I hope that that little boy has finally found some peace where ever he is. This series is not for the faint hearted and I promise you WILL cry if you watch it, just be warned.

That about sums up my top 7 shows I've been watching during lockdown (so basically all of March and April)! I really hope you all check them out and tell me what you think of them either through a comment or through messaging me on Instagram! It's been so nice talking to some of you.

On another note, I'm sure some of you may have noticed some MAJOR changes on my blog, I basically had a whole layout re-vamp (especially pleasing on desktop, so if you wanna see it properly, head to your laptop!) but there's been some major changes to mobile and tablet layouts too! This includes a subscribe button! Though putting your e-mail into the slot and you will receive updates on all my latest posts and receive exclusive content whenever I feel appropriate and possible! These are found easily throughout all pages and I really hope to see you all subscribing and enjoying my content more!

I think that's everything from me for now, as always you can click the socials button to head to any of my social medias (which are kept more up-to-date, I promise), and I hope to see you all next time!

- Laura

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