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Life of an Undergrad Student: 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started University

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Okay, here it goes. The dreaded first post. What exactly do I do here? Do I be myself or do I go straight into your typical 'influencer' and start throwing my affiliate codes and links all over the show? But yeah, here it goes, this is: What I Wish I Knew Before Starting University.

You're not a Failure for Staying Home to Study, just Like you're not Successful by Moving Away.

Almost every reaction I had about me staying home for Uni was 'ew I can't believe you'd choose to stay here', you're right. I can't believe it either but here we are. At the end of the day, everyone's decisions affects no-one but themselves. Be respectful, be kind and follow your own pattern. But you can get the same degree staying home as you can moving away, and I know where I'd want to be!

Things won't Always go your Way.

This applies mainly to practical elements of your course. There are sooo many different elements of PR that can go wrong at any time, will the company fall through? Will people not stick to their word? Will the brief change? It's purely about live and let live and trying to make the best out of a bad situation (which is actually happening right now believe it or not!

Uni Burn-Out is a Real Thing.

Oh my god the Uni burn-out is REAL let me tell you! You will hate your course, you will hate your lecturer for talking about the course and you will hate yourself for thinking you could ACTUALLY do something like this because why did you actually have that much faith in yourself! But at the end of the day, sitting back and looking at what you have to do from a third-person perspective makes everything seem slightly better, not by much, but slightly. Just give yourself time and you will know when it's coming, just like you'll know when it's ended.

It Really Isn't What You Expect it to Be.

I honestly truly believed that I would be this perfect student that gets firsts in every module and who would hand all of their work in weeks before the deadline. STOP RIGHT THERE. You WILL be up at 3am submitting essays and making plans and doing all sorts and stuff that really should have been finished 3 weeks ago but it slipped your mind (or you just put it off and off and off until you really couldn't ignore it). I also thought that I'd have a big lecture hall full of students that were in the same boat as me and I'd make a whole bunch of new friends... I have a class of five students in my course. Just be prepared for the unexpected, which is something I didn't do.

Your Student Loan isn't 'Free Money', contrary to Popular Belief (aka me).

The money will have you twirling round your town centre like Kim K let me tell you, but you DO have to pay that back. Which is something I consciously put to the back of my mind. Think twice about what you buy, you really won't need that new top you're looking at. Save it, please. (I know you won't but hey, I tried).

For a While, There Won't be a Balance between Uni and your Home Life.

I'm still trying to find that balance now. You can find yourself studying 20+ hours a week and still working 40 hours on-top of that. IT ISN'T HEALTHY. Not being able to find this balance is a sure-fire way of sending yourself straight into a giant mental breakdown, believe me. Try and write out your schedule each week and see where you have time for yourself, that way you're not pushing yourself harder than you're able to deal with.

Change Isn't Always Good, But it Will Pay Off.

I remember sitting in uni thinking the full Gemma Collins works of 'nah, this is not for me', and I remember thinking that this was the single biggest mistake of my life and how I should have just found an apprenticeship. But please just give it time, you can drop out at any time, but you can't join back. Changing from college is the worst thing I've ever done, but it's also the best. Let things be.

I mean, that seems like a pretty good way to end things there, doesn't it?! If there are any other tips and suggestions for 2020 Freshers comment them down below! I'm trying to boost my subscriber count so don't forget to fill out the deets at the side to make sure you get notifications for every single one of my posts!

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