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Accessorize my Car with Me and Guardian Angels

Okay hi! Bit of a different one than normal, I am genuinely planning on moving away from the whole quarantine gig I had going on with my posts, I feel like I should really be looking forward rather than looking back on that absolute state we've all just been through. So on a lighter note, I mentioned in my last post that I'd recently bought a new car and that I'd be going into detail about it, and possibly show you all around it!


I'm really not going to spend too long on this, but I purchased the 2019 model (68 plate) Vauxhall Adam Energized in the colour Saturday White Fever (matching interior) with the Black Jack roof and side paneling.


The lovely Kara from @guardian_angels.x sent me a message asking to send me a few things for my car! Guardian Angels is an Essex-based company that sell small crystal angels that hang above your interior mirror to watch over you or a loved one whilst driving and I thought it was the sweetest idea.

You can find the Guardian Angel's Etsy page here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MyGuardianAngelGifts

I do love working with smaller businesses, you can see how much attention to detail is in every product.

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