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Oh Polly’s Fitness Range: Back to the Gym with Bo+Tee

Okay okay okay, the online shopping has officially stopped. BUT, not after this mini haul of Oh Polly's fitness range Bo + Tee!

For those of you that haven't guessed from my constant Insta story spams, that's right, after a good few months off, I am officially back at the gym. Before the whole lockdown situ I actually did personal training and weightlifting sessions, but now I've stripped it back to basics, attending classes and following the gym guru Grace Collis on TikTok, I think I'm finally starting to find my place in my lil new sweaty home.

So in the true spirit of look good, feel good, I naturally went online and bought every piece of cute gym wear I could possibly find. If you've been here a while, you know TALA by Grace Beverley (which I actually got featured on their socials for, can I get a woo woo!!) is generally my go-to, but since I actually wore out my pair of leggings that I got a while back (thick thighs save lives and that) I actually decided to go elsewhere, just to switch it up a lil. Here is everything I ordered from Bo+Tee.

Back in Gear Full Length Leggings in Blue - £32

I decided to go against my usual black and white workout gear and switch it up a bit, so blue entered the basket. The material is insanely thick which is actually really great, there's no underwear lines up in here! The only thing is the material is more a funky mix between blue and green, which I don't mind, but outside the gym, I think these would look odd without the matching sports bra.

Run For It High Waisted Shorts in Blue - £24

Going with the blue theme again, why not go for the whole set! These high waisted shorts have been a god-send considering the air conditioning isn't allowed to be on to restrict the airflow (and the bloody virus) and I do think they've given me a lot longer of a cool-down period in-between workouts (I think the leggings would be quite restricting in that sense). Pairing these with an oversized t-shirt is actually one of my new favourite looks outside of the gym!

No Sweat Sports Bra in Blue - £24

The finale of the blue set, I feel like you'd need to size down in this area the most, since the straps are quite unsupportive (I am sick of picking them back up!) but they're cute so it's fiiiiiine. The bra is padded which is great, and it actually goes really well with the set! I'm looking to order a couple more colours in this design, considering I can't staaaand the milkmaid trend that's going on lately and it just isn't practical for weights.

Unstoppable Full Length Leggings in Grey Marl - £32

Two words - bloody beautiful. The only thing I wish about these leggings is that they had a whole black pair as well as the grey marl they have to offer! These are thinner than the Back in Gear Leggings, but they're just as opaque (no primark see-through leggings in this house rn) and go great with a black hoodie!

Recharge Oversized Sweatshirt in Grey - £45

Okay, this was an impulse purchase for me, I saw their new collection and just had to. I was debating between the blue and the grey set, but I thought I'd play it safe with the grey and go for the blue another time (hint hint for Christmas guys). The material on these is literally how I would describe those soft pj sets? But not the fluffy ones? I don't know if that makes any sort of sense at all. I'm a sucker for an oversized sweatshirt and I do think this is a great addition to my wardrobe.

Champion Oversized Jogging Bottoms in Grey - £45

Why not get matching everywhere?! These are oversized man it's crazy, so if you're not wanting baggy MC Hammer trousers pls pls pls size down, but if not it's all good here. They're the same material as the trousers, which is fine with me, and insanely comfortable. I'm holding off wearing them for some stupid reason so I just don't ruin them with fake tan!

That's everything I'd ordered from Bo + Tee over the last week or two, the one thing I will say about the company is that unfortunately, they're not plus-size friendly at the moment which is a major disappointment. Their size large is classed as a 14, therefore I ordered large on the baggier items and medium in the rest so there's a bit of give either way. Hopefully, they become more inclusive soon.

Anyway, that's it from me! If you want to keep up-to-date with whatever the hell I'm up to feel free to check out my social below, I love speaking with you guys (you're all so so lovely!!).

- Laura x

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