Boosting Mind & Body: Headspace, Crystal Collecting and NM Fitness

I don't think it's a secret that I do struggle with keeping my personal morale up, especially with excessive University workloads and the billion other tasks I plant onto myself every week. I also don't think it's a secret that the majority of us (myself included) has let particular areas of our lives slip during the pandemic. Let's face it, I've been that busy with uni and working that areas of my life that should really be a focus have taken a back burner, and I am sick of watching my life pass me by as I continue to do my same tasks over and over.

HOWEVER. My tickets for the club are ordered, my bank account is (somewhat) flowing better than it used to and I'm fully prepared to get myself back to that happy-go-lucky A-Level mentality I had a rough 3 years ago.

This isn't a particular post about a particular topic, this is a mould of everything I've been doing to push myself back into a routine and get my motivation levels back to what they used to be, especially in the first lockdown. I've been focussing on myself a lot more recently, thinking about what I want to do, rather than what I'm being asked to do. I figured that some of the things I've been doing might also help some of you guys, so why not share this and we can exchange tips together!

The Importance of Crystals

I know that some of my family will be reading this thinking that I've turned towards some proper hippy-dippy shit when I mention crystals. However, the placebo effect still applies with Crystals, even if you don't believe in their healing and manipulating abilities on your lifestyle.

The idea that they're helping, even if they're not, is enough to change people's mentalities and their workloads alone. I recently placed a rather large Etsy order (support small!) of a bunch of Crystals including Argonite and Selenite. There are particular Crystals that I am extremely wary of and the consequences that come with owning them, Moldavite

I'm looking at you boo. After seeing the effects that different Crystals have on different people, I was able to read up on these and pick the ones I wanted that I believe would make the biggest changes in my life.

I know that I've been pushed to open new doors lately, my friends and family will know, however, I'm still a little too skeptical to be sharing it elsewhere. But I can feel good things coming (maybe it's the change in weather too), and I do think I'll be in a completely different place in a years time.


I always thought that meditation was a waste of time... who wants to sit there and listen to their own thoughts for that long, it's hardly relaxing?! But since I decided to buy a Headspace subscription (their deal with Spotify is UNREAL btw) I noticed a real change in my mentality, especially when I listen to them heading to work. I use their Sleepcasts on a night and I promise you now I always have the best nights sleep ever to exist in the universe ever whenever I leave them playing. The narrators read off stories with background noises (rain is often a favourite of mine, and probably the majority of other peoples) and it's just the most calming thing to just lay and listen to before you sleep. They cut off automatically once the session ends so you're not ruining your phone battery having things play for hours on end whilst you're asleep either!

Returning to the Gym

I know that a few of you know that I used to go to personal training sessions 2x a week before lockdown, where I focused on weightlifting. Well... recently I decided that enough was enough and I needed something to force me to be more active. I've been back with NM Fitness for about 6 weeks now and the results already have been amazing, I don't nap during the day anymore and I'm less dependent on my Iron tablets, which is one of my biggest health struggles. Tasha was actually my PT from back in the day so to be back with someone that knows my goals and knows my abilities was great, my eating is cleaner too which is always a plus. Tash, you've given me a new wave of energy I didn't even know I had, and long are the days of me waking up at 12pm with my new latest being around 9.30 (ew and wow I know).

If you're in the Teesside area you can check out Natasha McGill Fitness here: (1) NM Fitness | Facebook

Picking those who Influence my Motivation

I've realised that the majority of the people I follow have something that I want in my life, whether this is their work ethic, their job or, their family values - all of which are my biggest goals. I desperately want to get into the online content world, particularly video content relating to beauty and fashion (no surprise there I guess) but the thought of me being a target for people has always been a worry.

The three I honestly look up to the most are Jamie Genevieve, Elle Darby and, Grace Beverley. Whilst all 3 are known through their careers on YouTube, the trio have set up their own businesses and built their way to the top from nothing, which is something I desperately want to do.

It's just nice to see people achieve some of the things you can only dream of, and honestly, their videos are a bit of a push for me sometimes because I do struggle with the idea of not doing enough and not doing it as often as I should.

I suppose this is a fitting way to return to blogging, I know it's taken a back-burner for a while, which is something I'm ashamed to have let slip. But, we can get through this together and get ourselves back to the happiest version of us.

All my love,

Laura. x

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