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Catch-Up! Where I’ve Been & What to Expect

I’m not going to lie, it feels pretty strange to be back. I’ve been back at work for almost a month now and I’ve officially got my normal back, except I never used to include my blog and my Instagram as my normal, so even now I’m trying to fit everything around my full-time work and doing a whole re-vamp of my uni notes (I never really used to write notes contrary to popular belief so I’m in the middle of organising a years worth of work before September)!

I’ve been a lot more active over on my Instagram and it’s lovely to see 700+ of you joining me since February, when this blog was started and it’s been lovely to get notifications of you all subscribing to my blog, even though I haven’t posted in a good month! I really do read every comment and every notif I get off you all. I feel like I owe you all an explanation to where I’ve been and a decent old catch-up, so here it is.


This was the first thing that gave me a real sense of normality again and in all honestly, I needed it. I felt myself starting to struggle at the end of May/early June because of the whole situation and I felt myself growing tired of being alone, since I’m rarely alone on a day-to-day basis. I was a little shocked of being thrown back into the swing of it straight away and I did, along with others, struggled with the work load and the stress of the situation that was infront of us (imagine having queue after queue but having half the staff you usually would in, it isn’t easy) but honestly everything has calmed down a lot now and I’m actually starting to feel like myself again at work and at home. I always said that being at work is my sense of routine and without it I’m lost, and that’s exactly what happened, but now I’ve finally got my routine back and it gives me something to do and breaks up my week.


I was surprisingly okay during the first two months of lockdown with not seeing people, I think I found that I needed to be alone to sort out how I felt and how to be okay on my own. I actually enjoy my own company and it isn’t often I get it, especially being at work and out and about a lot, so at first it was a welcomed break.

I’ve been very blessed not to have anyone in my family or any of my friends be directly affected by COVID-19, and seeing them again has been such a good time for me.

My family have been the biggest struggle during this situation and it’s been such a huge sense of normality to see them all again, especially in our own homes and not sat in the garden which restricted us during the bad weather.

My friends have been so supportive during the lockdown and I’m sure we all leaned on each other at one point, we were constantly calling each other, watching movies over Zoom and playing games (minecraft is a personal fav). I think we were all glad to see each other again, so I’ve seen a few before returning to work (socially distanced, always) and the majority after!


I’m sure, like everyone else, online shopping was a huge hit during lockdown, but I definitely didn’t think a new car was one of them (neither did my bank account)! I first started looking for a new car in April, but given the current situation it was probably for the best that I didn’t go ahead and purchase one, and I already had a car to use.

2019 Model (68) Vauxhall Adam Energized

But I saw this beauty and I just couldn’t resist. I’d messaged the garage mid-April, went for a viewing and test drive mid-May and picked it up early June!

I’ll have another post up going into more detail about it in the coming weeks, I don’t want to give too much away now do I.


Other than the car I’ve not been too bad with online purchases, I’ve had a couple of packages but nothing extreme and they’ve all been shown on my Insta and Twitter. My main packages have been from Misguided and ASOS, but I’m trying my best to get out the habit of fast fashion and trying to buy from more sustainable brands such as TALA (which has been on my Insta recently, they recycle plastic from the ocean and create high-quality gym wear).

Klarna has well and truly been my best friend throughout this entire time, and I’ve been a lot more conscious of getting my finances in order, so it’s been a massive help in boosting my credit score! I suppose there are some extra perks to online shopping!


Lately, I’ve been reading up on manifestation and truthfully it’s been working during lockdown. I’ve always set my mind to something and worked towards it, but visualising your goals and where you want to be is something I’ve been doing a lot recently. During lockdown I’ve gained 700+ readers and followers (thank you all so so much), and I can’t wait to keep growing and see where I end up. I know during the course of this year and the next I’d like to work with smaller businesses and get their products out there, since starting small is somewhere everyone starts off. I’d also like to work with events and bigger businesses during 2021 and see where I end up!


For anyone that knows me at all, you’ll know that my attendance at uni was never my strong point, so when every lecture went online it was like heaven on Earth for me! I much prefer independent work (which is the opposite of the field I’m going into) so being able to work from my bedroom and not have to deal with actually leaving my bed was a massive plus for me. But I officially passed my first year of university yesterday, which means that I can head onto my second! I know people say that the first year doesn’t count but I’ve learnt a lot of skills within the industry I’m heading into, so for that I’m thankful.

I think this has been my biggest update to date, and hopefully I won’t have to update you all because you’ll be following me during everything I do. I’m planning on being a whole lot more active on my Instagram and Twitter (where you’ll find me in-between posts!), which I know hasn’t been my strong point lately, but here’s a time for change!

I‘ve added a subscription box for those reading via desktop and one on my homepage for those via mobile or tablet! Being subscribed helps me more than you all know, so join the fun to get updated on all my latest posts!

Laura x

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