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Eyelash Dreams with TATTI LASHES X Jamie Genevieve

Hey guys!

I know it’s been a hot minute since I last posted but it honestly feels like I haven’t had a second to myself, surprise - I’m back! (again...)

That’s right, for the billionth time of me saying it it finally feels like I’m back for good and I’m here to staaaaay. So I thought I’d start off with a new collection that caught my eye from my all-time favourite Jamie Genevieve and her new collab with Tatti Lashes (the infamous widely re-sold on Depop and Instagram lashes, let’s be real here).

I originally bought the Jamie TL 1 & 2 styles after being dramatically (albeit stupidly) heartbroken that I couldn’t get the set, but on the off-chance of looking, I got my hands on that re-stock! So I thought I’d show you everything in the collection and the way I’ve been wearing the lashes!

There really are some everyday styles available in the collection and there’s one rather bold one that I’d wear on a night out (I’ve went off the whole bulky one length lash), but the TL Jamie 2 is surprisingly my favourite for everyday, I think because of the length rather than the fluffiness of the lash. The lashes cost £9 each individually and/or £35 for the set of 3, bag and glue.

There was actually a backlog of orders and I actually got my parcel 3 days later than expected, but it's all good, there are more important things in the world than lashes... maybe. But nonetheless, they're here! I was actually surprised at the quality, but I've never ordered from Tatti Lashes before, so I was going off Doll Beauty standards here. The glue was a little complicated to use over the Duo glue, but the brush was helpful when the corners didn't stick (I'm sure that's just an expected thing at this point tbf) and I honestly give up the minute that happens with the Duo glue, so it saved multiple pre-nightout breakdowns.

Overall, I was genuinely happy with my two purchases and with getting 20-30 uses out of one pair of lashes, I really do think I'll be ordering more once I've inevitably worn out these 5 boxes! I'm trying to get used to the change from semi-permanent hybrids, to no lashes on a regular basis back to strip lashes, so I think the designs will actually help the transition.

The only recommendation I have is that the lashes come quite long, purely to fit your eye properly, but they do take some cutting, I found that cutting two 'eyelash bundles' in fit my eye just fine and I can wear them with no discomfort what so ever, which is the best considering I always end up poking myself in the inner corner of my eye or honestly just let them fall off. Since I can't wear my semi-permanents for work, these are definitely the best alternative I've found, especially TL JAMIE 3 for the fuller look, but TL JAMIE 2 has been my favourites so far.

You can see me wearing the lashes during the upcoming months on my Instagram and honestly just follow me for some pretty random content tbf. Be back next time.

- Laura x

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