iPhoneography: The Photography you didn't know you Could Do

Hey everyone!

I quite often get asked how I take my photos, and how I get them to match my Insta grid, but the truth is everything is taken on my iPhone! I think of myself as quite the iPhoneographer, and truthfully I just use the recommended settings on the camera app to be able to get the best quality photos possible!

So today I thought I'd share a couple of tips and tricks on how I edit my photos, and how I actually take them!

Lighting is Key

I know you've probably heard everyone say this whenever you'd talk about photos, but you can't take high-quality images in dull/dark light! The best way to capture the image you're

trying to get is by using natural light, or naturalistic artificial light (often with a ring-light, which I haven't 100% mastered yet!), this is the best way to get the most detail in your images!

Video over Photos

Believe it or not, but the iPhone cameras often shoot 4k video, which is higher quality than the 1080p photos. By recording what you're trying to take a photo of, rather than taking a photo, you're able to go back and screenshot specific moments of the recording, allowing for more finalized photos in a better quality!

Use iPhone Editing Software on Automatic

This is the first thing I do after I get the image I want, this allows for the photo to be edited to the best lighting and the best colour correction possible. You can scroll across and change

things like saturation and brightness to your desired look, this is often how I get my images to match my Insta feed and look so bright!

I often like a slight grey hue to my photos, purely just to make it fit the white, black and tan feed I often have going on, but sometimes a little bit of colour didn't hurt anyone!

Hopefully, this has helped a couple of you boost your iPhoneography skills! I actually did animal photography throughout my A-Levels (if you couldn't tell from the endless photos of my dog) and I just carry it on as a hobby now I suppose!

As always, you can find me over on my socials:

Instagram: @laumckeown

Twitter: @lauramckeown__

TikTok: @laumckeown

All my love,

- L x

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