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My Blog's First Birthday

Okay. I didn't expect this year to go as quickly as it did, and I didn't expect to move on from blogging as soon as I did. But, here we are.

A year ago today I sat in the Teesside University Library and popped in my details to buy my very own domain, and I didn't expect I'd be here right now. I think this is a year that none of us really expected to ever happen in our lifetimes, and all it's done is taught me that I need to take every single opportunity I'll ever be given if I want to be content with what I do.

I think I've truly found my voice that I can use across all my social media platforms, the most recent being TikTok (who'd have guessed it??) and I think I am actually enjoying video content a lot more than I originally thought I would, but hey, I'm all for trying something new.

Hopefully, 2021 brings lots of new things for us all, and a hell of a lot more opportunities for us all too in every aspect.

Until then, happy 1st birthday lauramckeown.com, the thing to keep me sane during the lockdown and unlock many doors for me after. I am forever grateful to past me for deciding to be as open as I have been on here, I was always so scared of judgement but I am honestly doing this for myself and where I want to be.

- Laura x

Twitter: @lauramckeown__

Instagram: @laumckeown

TikTok: @laumckeown

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