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Our Typical Weekends in York

So I get asked quite a lot what we actually get up to when we go to York, because for anyone that knows me in person knows that Harvey and myself go there quite often. This is where the idea for this post sprouted from, so everyone can see what we actually do (to be precise, what we bother capturing) and where we go.

We Walk Around, a Lot.

This is probably one of the things that is the most frustrating about visiting York so often, you can wander the streets and still have no idea where you are planning to actually go. Since we've been there more times than we have been anywhere else, we obviously have places we go more often than others, but finding new places is something we've started doing, specifically with coffee shops/cafes since the idea of a sit down is often more tempting than the food/drink itself. But visiting the Cathedral (is that what it is?) is always fun and there's what I call 'mini versions' of it dotted around York City Centre too (usually Churches), like the one in the photo. If you're like me and you love a good photo opportunity York is covered in them, specifically with The Shambles and the bridges, so we've actually started taking a lot more photos recently too.

We end up Drinking.

In some shape or form, we always end up drinking whenever we go to York, this all started on my 18th and it's just sort of followed from there. On the odd occasion we do try somewhere new, like when we went in November, we ended up in The Botanist and we stayed there a lot longer than planned because of how cosy it was (it was cold) and they had live music playing. The last visit we had (actually last weekend) we actually mixed this point and the previous and we just drank from 11am, which wasn't my biggest and proudest moment let me tell you. But, when you're in York from 9am, there's only so many places you can go, and a Wetherspoons is always the best option regardless of where you are.

We've Started Branching out with Our Food.

Right, for anyone that knows me, you'll know I'm a maaaajor fan of Five Guys (so is my dad, it's never failed to be mentioned every time we talk about York), but there is only so many times you can pay £40 for two burgers and fries before you get bored of the same stuff, so we actually decided to try Wagamamas. I'm usually a really fussy eater (I wish I wasn't but it is what it is) so like any sane person I checked the menu before having the awkward embarrassment of not knowing what to eat, but I actually had the katsu chicken (one of my favourites anyway) and it was unbelievable honestly.

I do think that we will try other places other than Wagamamas though, considering the katsu chicken was probably one of the few dishes I would eat (unfortunately). So I'm just looking forward to trying new places that I wouldn't be able to try at home.

Shopping does come into Play, not always, but sometimes.

Even if we don't end up buying something, window shopping always seems to happen when we're in York. It really is like money just doesn't have any meaning to us there because I always seem to come home with something I didn't take with me (usually a new pair of trainers (the last ones my Nike Ari270s which did break the bank I will admit)). But I do, do the typical white girl thing and walk round Urban Outfitters like it's the last place on Earth, but I can't bring myself to pay the prices when I can buy it online, so I use it as more of a guideline.

I feel like that covers the basics of what we do, usually it's just a repeat of these, but I really do love going every single time, it's like a second home to me now. As always you can enter your email to the column on the side (on desktop) to subscribe and if you're on mobile you can click the icons at the top to go to my socials! I do appreciate every view I receive and I love the support I've been given! That's all for now!

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