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Searching for Body Positivity in a World of Social Media

Hey guys!

This is actually a post that has been sitting in my drafts throughout lockdown and it touches on a few topics that are probably a little sensitive to the majority of us, but if we need to hear a message like this, I'll be happy to be the one to say it. Please take this with a pinch of salt, I really do believe that this was written in the midst of my Instagram warped reality of banana bread and loungewear outfits.

Social Media - We either love it or we hate it.

I feel like in the 21st century we're just trying to find a balance between living alongside social media rather than living in it, and I figured I'd speak up on one of the many issues I feel important to speak about which is the manipulation of body image through the public eye. I sat and watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix last night and I realised how much we are influenced by the people on the screen that we idolise every single day, and I thought I should speak up on it and give my thoughts since it's something I've suddenly become extremely passionate about.

I truly believe I was the last generation of kids that wasn't glued to a screen, I remember going to the park with my friends and the only time we really used our phones was to message people who hadn't arrived, use the ancient TuBidy to download and play music and to swap our BlackBerry batteries with each other and I really do believe that kids these days really have missed out on what could have been a genuinely pleasant childhood, all because social media has continued to grow at a speed that no one really expected.

The internet has honestly created some wonderful things and has allowed for some amazing things to happen in the world, but I think no one has really taken into consideration the dangers that it comes with. The warped idea of a woman's body or the representation of what a man should be, rather than accepting each other flaws and all. The idea of FaceTune and PhotoShop has become the social norm, and I have to admit they do play a part in my photos that are currently on my Instagram feed. The idea of smoothing out your face and changing your hair colour and the endless filters have become something that we will beg to have edited out of our photos in years to come, I dread the day I show my grandchildren photos of me at this age with only SnapChat filters on rather than the raw reality that we live every single day.

There seems to be a refereshing amout of 'natural' content coming out onto social media, which is amazing and my feed feels new again, rather than seeing the same blonde (aka me) pose in front of the same coffee shop in the same coat for the 5th time this week (again, me). I understand this is extremely hypocritical of me considering I do edit my own photos, but I feel like this is a shift in me now where I will accept who I am, rather than worry about the pressures that come with an audience. Whilst there are obviously things I would change, and if you're saying you wouldn't you're lying to yourself, I will truly only now make decisions that I have thought about in-depth, rather than looking at the closest aesthetics shop that will do me the cheapest fillers because in the long run I've decided I want the best of the best (as always) and I don't think I'd settle for any less now, God knows I've wanted a few bits done for a hot minute.

This is probably the most rambly of posts I've made in a hot minute, but this is a message that needs to be implemented into everyday life I think. I feel like it's a little speech moment rn and I probably thought I was giving a Nobel Peace Prize with paragraphs like that.

Hopefully you guys sort of understand what I'm tryna say but it's fine if not, I hardly get it myself.

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- Laura x

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