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Spending my 19th Birthday in Lockdown

Surprisingly, this is my first lockdown blog post, at least one that doesn't involve baking, I know, shocking right?! It was my birthday on Monday and honestly, this year is not how I expected it to be at all. I suppose going from spending your 18th birthday with a small family get together in a pub, heading into town, and then going to York the following day is a lot different than the highlight of your day being a trip to ASDA. I figured I'd just write a small post about my birthday in lockdown, and my thoughts on the whole thing and I'm sure many of you can and will relate.

Missing my Family.

For all they can drive me up the wall, I've known since way before lockdown I'm definitely a family person, and having a birthday in lockdown proved that massively. I suppose not being able to give your grandparents a hug is something I've taken for granted for a while, and I honestly don't think I'll ever take it for granted again.

It really has upset me, these last few days especially, that I'm not able to be in a close proximity of my family, I'm so used to popping round houses to see people and sitting in their gardens just really isn't the same. But one thing I have learnt and found is that I am so grateful that I am able to sit in their gardens (at at least a 2 metre distance!), and not have the worst happen by having COVID-19 directly in the family. I'll always take being separated for a while over separated forever.

Friends mean so much.

I think the one thing that surprised me the most is how much my friends really are my support system, and without them I really wouldn't be anywhere near what I am now. I honestly didn't expect them to rally round like they did, sending me cards, messages and small gifts (thank you all, it means the world, especially at times like now), it really did feel a little bit like a normal birthday... just without the hangover.

10 of us spent the eve of my birthday watching movies on Rave with a takeaway and a few drinks, and that was all I could ever have asked for. It was so nice to be in good company, even if it was through Facetime and through other apps. I don't think I understood how much social media and our devices keep us together, but that night really made my day, and it was the most fun I've had all lockdown (and I know some of the others felt the same way). In fact, we enjoyed it so much a few of us have decided to do it weekly, it just helps us all stay connected, not like we don't anyway, but it really takes your mind off things!

You Realise how Different Everything Really Is.

I remember sitting in my living room and just crying about how I wanted everything to be 'normal' and how 'I'm so sick of all of this why can't I just go outside'. I suppose when you're so used to heading out every 5 minutes to go get food, or go see your friends, this lockdown really does take a toll. In January I was certain that I'd be out for my 19th birthday, having the free entry into clubs, rolling home at 5am, waking the dog (and my mam and dad) up and just being an all-round mess the next day. It just proved to me how unpredictable everything is and how we really do have no idea how all of this will play out.

I really do think that this whole situation got to me that day, and the day after, but it really did make me appreciate those around me and that I have more than others. After all, my only knowledge of time is the daily press updates on BBC One.

I remember sitting at the beginning of lockdown thinking 'oh, it'll only be three weeks and everything will be fine', but honestly I just need to keep reminding myself that nobody has any idea how long this will last. But as long as we have our family, friends and ourselves, we all should be fine.

Those are my main thoughts about my 19th birthday during the Coronavirus. pandemic, it really did make me appreciate the people around me rather than materialistic objects and it has made me re-evaluate the things I spend my time on and the people I surround myself with. I now have a subscribe section now across my blog (accessible on the 'About Me' page on mobile and/or by scrolling down on my homepage), just submit your email and you're good to go! I really would love to know some of your thoughts on the whole situation, you can talk to me through Bloglovin' and you can follow me there also! But I think that's all for now.

Stay Home. Help the NHS. Save Lives.

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