The Ultimate Christmas Movie Checklist 2021

The holiday spirit has finally arrived... happy 1st December everyone!🎅🏼

With the holidays well and truly upon us, what better way to get into the festive spirit with a movie countdown all the way through December! I've definitely seen a couple of these floating around these past few days and thought I'd make my own ultimate checklist for the best Christmas movies that can be watched by the whole family (...mainly).

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I actually had a lot of fun finding out people's recommendations for movies, it's great to find out everyone's favourites!

A lot of these can be found on Sky Movies, Netflix, and Disney+ (my go-to services), I can't wait to actually try and finish one of these! A lot of the time, I always try and then never end up finishing them because something gets in the way... not this year hopefully.

So there we have it, a compilation of the ultimate Christmas movies of 2021, some are cult classics and some are new releases.

Happy holidays everyone!


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