The Ultimate Lush Cosmetics Gift Guide 2021

Okay okay... So I did go a little overboard on the Lush haul this year - I get it.

But that just means that I have a whole bunch of things to share with you from Lush Cosmetics 2021 Christmas collection! As some of you might know, I do love a bath and I do love self care, so is there actually any better mix than a bath bomb and a face mask? Probably not tbh.

Have I reverted back to 2014 Laura after a very slight mid-life crisis? Probably.

Am I bothered? No.

Did I even have a mid-life crisis? Nope.


I know that this is the time of year where everyone's mind goes blank and everyone is suddenly clueless on what to buy people for Christmas. I'll admit I'm part of the club. So why not share my ultimate Lush 2021 haul with you lot, so you can shop from the comfort of your own home (much like we all do anyways) and you can get a first hand opinion of all the new shit available!

This blog post is perfect if you're wondering what to get your mam, sister, cousin, or the bath lover in your life for Christmas, or even their birthday is they're a Christmas baby! Sit back, have a cuppa and look at the pretty colours ( all whilst praying for my bank account pls).

An Ode to Halloween

Okay so before we get into the prooooper festive stuff, we absolutely cannot forget the spookiest of seasons ever - Halloween.

Lush always comes out with an amazing little collection of Halloween goodies for everyone to try, and it's perfect for making your bath turn green, blue, black or any other colour you can think of.

Here's my little shrine to the 2021 Halloween Lush collection... enjoy!

Ghostie (Bath Bomb)

Omg the CUTEST little ghost ever - I called mine Steve ngl.

This little dude stinks of lemons (with a hint of lime), but is there really any fresher scent? He looks plain af on the outside, but when he's popped in your bath he turns all different colours (mainly pink and blue).

Not really freaky for Halloween, but great for kids (or 20 year olds that can't seem to ever get a grip like me).

Alien (Bubble Bar)

Aren't bubble bars just the best?

Not going to lie, this one doesn't really appeal to me. I have bright blonde hair... green would NOT go down well.

But anyways, from looking at the Lush website, this dude makes your water literally neon green (bright af) and gives of a bergamot and litsea bubeba smell (fancy, ey?).

Bat Art (Bath Bomb)

Good luck cleaning your bath after using this little bugger!

This dude has a rosemary and sage smell (perfect for Halloween imo) and makes a big, purple, glittery mess all over the tub.

Not much to say other than use at your own risk!

Monster Octopus (Shower Jelly)

Probably the most TikTok famous of the bunch (erm why aren't you following me? CLICK HERE NOW.) mainly for his cool dance moves and amaaaaazing smell (the dude smells like a pornstar martini, wtffff).

He does unfortunately have mixed reviews with a missing arm massacre... but other than that good vibes all round.

Punkin Pumpkin (Bath Bomb)

Much like his colour, this dude smells of oranges, pumpkin (wow no way) and cinnamon leaf, probably the most Autumnal of the lot.

He does make your bath bright yellow - so again, another one you'd probably need to hire a professional cleaner for.

Snow Fairy Returns

Let's skip to the good bit.

Any basic girl to ever walk the planet has already been into Lush and had a whiff of their most iconic seasonal scent to date - Snow Fairy. I know I have, and I even dragged my boyfriend there with me.

For those that don't have a clue what Snow Fairy smells like (for starters, have you been living under a rock?) it's a mix of both bubble-gum and candy floss, but not in the sickly way you're probably imagining it rn. Pure bliss *chef's kiss*

Snow Fairy Spray Bottle (Body Spray)

Just because the shower gel is never enough, I decided to buy my own bottle of the Snow Fairy Spray.

One of my closest friends wears this constantly, and it's just a smell that you can never get enough of.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel (Shower Gel)

I hands on heart fully believe this is the most popular item at Lush from September to January, I have seen people fight over this product on Boxing Day in the sales.

This is the best thing ever for someone who loves the smell of Snow Fairy, but in small doses.

Snow Fairy Roll (Bubble Bar)

Don't have a shower? You don't need to miss out. This little bar of swirly smelly goodness makes the biggest bubbles... perfect for bath time.

I always imagine this being a staple on Christmas Eve!

Christmas is Coming

Butterbear (Bath Bomb)

This little dude looks like the most softening of the lot, just purely because he's filled with cocoa butter (and it's fair trade, win win).

Cocoa butter and ylang ylang oil is great for the skin (especially new tattoos... have you seen mine? CLICK HERE to see it right now wtf) so anyone with sensitive skin will more than likely love this.

He makes your bath bright pink too, which is always a plus.

Rudolph's Nose (Shower Bomb)

Named perfectly, this shower bomb is literally a big red dot that fizzes into a cleansing foam.

It's packed full of essential oils and skin softening products, and smells of cherries and almonds (anyone else thinking of the Mr Kipling almond slices? Just like that!)

Only downside is is that this contains glitter, so unless you want to look like Edward Cullen when he stands outside... I'd pick this one with absolute caution.

Sleepy Bear (Bath Bomb)

Want to bring bedtime to bath time? Look no further. This is the ultimate evening bath bomb, with the iconic 'Sleepy' scent from Lush.

This little dude turns your water into a milky lilac colour, giving off lavender smells as it goes.

Do not fall asleep in the bath though.

Snowman Dreaming (Bath Bomb)

Probably the most stocking filler like of them all, this dude originally looks like a plain jane white bath bomb, but very quickly changes your bath water into soooo many different colours.

This is another bedtime one, giving off cedarwood and lavender vibes.

Jingle Bells (Bath Bomb)

One of the OG Lush bath bombs, Jingle Bells will give you the brightest (but milkiest) bath known to man.

This dude smells of citrus (much like the Punkin Pumpkin) and leaves your bath a lilac colour once all of the exciting colours mix together.

Candy Cane (Bubble Bar)

What's the most iconic flavour of a candy cane? Peppermint.

Did Lush take this into consideration when making the Candy Cane Bubble Bar? Abso-bloody-lutely.

Like many of the others, you can crumble this into your bath and make a shit load of bubbles. What more do you want? It doesn't give off toothpaste smelling vibes either, thank Christ.

That's pretty much my haul finished and my bank account empty. There are a couple of bits that I'd actually really recommend in terms of skincare, so if you'd love another post on those just let me know!

Until the next one,

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