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The Ultimate Skincare UPDATE: The Ordinary, Clean & Clear and Face Halo

I know many of you liked my post about my new skincare and have been asking for updates via my Instagram DMs and inboxes, so I figured whilst we're in lockdown when's a better time to get finally sort my face out?! Some of you might know I struggled with acne and blackheads for years and I think that this brand has finally helped me!

I'm gonna be totally honest here, I haven't really been as consistent as I imagined I would be with my skincare, but I think not slapping chemicals onto my face every day has actually made a difference! Letting my skin breathe is also the biggest change I've made, I'm so used to getting up every morning and putting on a full face of make-up with nowhere to go, so I've made the conscious effort to try and let my skin have a moment to itself.

I'm going to be using this post to answer some questions I've been asked as well as show you all a before and after of my skin since using the products. So, let's get into it, shall we!


Does the AHA 30% Peel burn?

Yes, and no. It honestly depends on how much I've put my skin through that day! If I've just used a scrub and took my make-up off, YES it burns, but only because I've already irritated the layers of my skin anyway, let alone peeling one off! But on a day to day basis, no it doesn't burn! Just remember to set that timer for 10 minutes to make sure you don't damage your skin and give yourself a proper chemical burn (it hurts, believe me) and you should be good to go! I've started applying moisturiser after using the peel just to calm my skin down and give it a little extra sumthin sumthin.

What product do you think has helped the most?

The chemical peel by FAR, I think 'cause it really gets into your skin and actually causes direct effects (peeling) you can notice a change from its first use. Another product I've actually enjoyed is the Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA, which I've found tightens my skin and I think it's another product that's helped with my acne and blackheads. That product along with the peels have been my go-to lately and I don't see that changing any time soon!

Which products do you think have helped the least?

For all I love the products, I do think that the Hyaluronic Acid has helped the least, probably because it's a hydration formula. This is nothing personal towards the brand or the product, it's just I own other moisturisers and I think that the Clean & Clear moisturiser works better for my skin, especially as a follow-up product to the two peels.

What other products do you use?

I'm a massive fan of the Clean & Clear range, I've been using it for years to help me with my face! I use the Deep Action Cream Wash and the Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub religiously and I do think this makes my face a lot brighter, as well as get rid of the initial dirt that's left on my face after removing my make-up. I also use the Face Halo to remove my make-up, this was recommended by one of my friends at uni (thank you!) and I really haven't used anything else since it's sooo easy to use you literally just wet it and wipe!

I suppose I haven't spoken loads on the Face Halo as I did have a moment where I found heading to the bathroom too tedious at 3am (my new apparent bedtime and the height of laziness), so I stuck to my handly micellar water and cotton pads, but now that I've reduced the amount of product I use, I do think using warm water and the cream washes have made a massive difference. All these products really do work hand in hand with each other and I've found my set routine!


With me just getting a new phone, I actually lost a whole bunch of images I had taken throughout this 'journey' (is that even the right thing to call it?!) but I managed to dig deep into my Snapchat memories and found a video from February of me taking off my make-up (this was because I was planning a post that is currently sat in my drafts and will stay there for the foreseeable) so that will have to do I'm afraid!

I think it's pretty obvious how irritated my skin was, especially after having a full face of make-up slapped onto it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. But after this video showed me how bad my skin was (no way as bad as it used to be, thanks to the Clean & Clear products), I really thought that I needed to do something about it, and quick. That night was the night I sat down and found The Ordinary AHA 30% peel, I read the reviews and I was SOLD. I ordered a couple more things (which you can see above and in my last post) and they arrived the next day.

Going from then to now, I've noticed a massive difference in myself, as well as with my skin. Those who know me and see me on a daily basis know that my skin has always been my biggest insecurity and I dealt with acne all through secondary school. This often affected what I wore, where I got changed during our PE lessons (the toilets were a favourite of mine) and the amount of make-up I wore, which I do admit was probably bright orange looking back! But since then and doing my research on skin products, I realised that prescribed medication for acne probably isn't the way to go, and that over the counter products work waay better, for me anyway!

This is what my skin is currently looking like (24th May 2020), please bare with the dodgy tan lines, I don't put tan on my face since my make-up takes it off anyway ahahah. But even now I just notice small pieces of scarring and the odd spot, which is usually gone within 48 hours now (Clean & Clear again), but the AHA 30% peel gives my skin a soft feel to it, so I know it's working in terms of taking all that horrible gunk off my face. I really didn't realise how bad my skin was and how much dirt I had on my face until I finally decided to sort it all out. This is the first 'no make-up' photo I think I've ever uploaded anywhere so that's a massive achievement for me, I didn't think I'd ever have the confidence to do this!

I think I've covered just about everything in terms of a skin update, I now my last one was so popular so I thought I'd give you all a follow-up on it all! If you enjoyed it or took anything out of it you can speak to me over on Instagram @laumckeown, I've loved speaking to some of you! You can find every product I use at the Amazon Influencer Shop, just click here.



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