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The Ups and Downs of Tape-In Extensions: What I've Found so Far

What a dramatic title I know, but anything to get you lot actually reading something! But I get sooo many questions (and I do mean a big fat bunch) about my hair believe it or not, so I figured I'd made a whole post dedicated to it, basically so I can stop repeating myself. So here it is for you lot! My entire 'hair journey' (is that what you'd call it?) and what the hell is actually going on! You can go to my hairdresser (James Ayre)'s Facebook Page here, honestly he's bomb man.

Your Head WILL Hurt at First.

OHHH MY GOD no one told me how much they'd hurt (at first please do not have a meltdown if you want to get them, it lasts a few hours, max) but honestly I thought I was dying from a headache. With the added weight being on my scalp, I didn't realise that it would actually pull (at first, again, don't be so dramatic about it) but genuinely pain is gain, and it hasn't hurt since I've had them re-fitted, it was purely because it was essential an alien thing on my head.

The Initial Process is a Total Ball-Ache.

When I tell you my arse was numb, I MEAN IT. Bro I was in that chair from 9am to 3.30pm, that's like an entire shift at work, do ya feel me? But this did include dying my hair, toning and fitting the extensions. I honestly don't regret or mind sitting for that length of time but you do feel a bit like Bambi on ice when you finally get up. Honestly James is a pure hair god and I wouldn't let anyone else near my hair, but mate neither of us ate, neither of us did anything apart from me sitting there trying to perform a total comedy show to keep us both entertained and him stood there probably trying not to lose his rag over me whittering on because he needed to put a billionth piece of foil on my head.

Refit's Are a Lot Simpler.

I was fully prepared to do the whole 9 hour sitting fiasco again for my extensions to be re-fitted, but James basically dissolved the glue and I spent the entire night scalping myself (I wish I was joking) to get rid of any extra glue. But the extensions get fresh tape on them, and boo sorted.

Extensions Taken Out for a Re-Fitting.

Styling your Hair has Never Been so Hard yet so Easy.

When you get to day 3 and you realise you haven't put your hair in ANY sort of style other than down, you start to wonder 1. how is this going to work when you have to have your hair in a cap for work? 2. should I actually wash my hair and 3. oh shit, I actually don't know what I'm doing with this. But honestly I'm embarrassed to say it took me a big fat while to figure out how to style my hair, for it just to be the same as I did before, but with a bunch more hair. Don't overthink it.

Please Dear God.. Do NOT Use Purple Shampoo.

I can hear people laughing from here. I had these extensions in for TWO WEEKS and I had the possessive idea to throw a bunch of purple shampoo on my hair (I used the conditioner which was A-OK but my GOD do not use the shampoo on these) which was the single biggest regret of my entire existence. I don't even want to add a photo of them afterwards because honestly it was so embarrassing I'd rather die.

For people with blonde hair wanting to go silver/lighter blonde, you can buy the shampoo here and the conditioner here, it is actually really good stuff, just the conditioner more-so.

It's Expensive (AT FIRST).

Honestly if any of my family are reading this, please just skip this one because I can hear the 'ARE YOU JOKING ME' from here, I get it, I was the one that paid for it, how do you think I feel!? In all seriousness, the hair was crazy expensive but you PAY FOR QUALITY. One pack of hair extensions costs £179.00 from Additional Lengths, therefore I paid £358 for my entire load of extensions (not including dyes, bleaches and fittings). This hair will last a real long time though, considering how I look after it, so it is a real investment!

Ohhhh so THAT'S what they look like!

Leave-In Conditioner is a Real Babe.

This very quickly became my best friend. I very quickly found the whole brushing of what was essentially Rapunzel's hair stupidly overwhelming (a whole arm workouts worth of effort goes into this for me. So when you're asking me how I deal with it, I really just don't, I use this bad boy to get me through.

Your Confidence Sky-Rockets.

I really think my close friends and family can preach for this, I spent a lot of the type actually being really upset with the state of my hair and I saw this as a real investment into my own mental health in making me happier with my appearance. My hair stopped me from enjoying a lot of things because I was constantly worried about my appearance and how I looked and how 'bald' I was. But now I just swish my hair and walk off.

Be Prepared to Explain What They Are, A Lot.

Yes, it's real hair. No, I cannot take it out. Yes, it's tape, but no, it isn't double-sided tape but it sort of is. The best way to explain it is that it's basically two pieces of hair that sandwich my hair in the middle that's held together by specially graded tape suitable for hair styling. Please my god has that finally cleared that up?!

Sulphate-Free Shampoo is KEY (I think?).

Basically I don't know why this is, I just read a whole bunch of stuff that said that this was needed to I spent a small fortune on different shampoos (I originally used the Aussie Sulphate-Free Shampoo) but now I use the OGX Anti-Breakage and Keratin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner and it's made a real difference in my hair! I used to struggle with tangling an basically being impossible to run a brush through my hair with the Aussie shampoo, but it is really nice when there's no extensions in your hair.

No... I Can't Take Them Out.

Please please please understand that these are quite literally stuck into my head, so when you can SEE one when I have my hair up do not ask me whether I can take it out and put it somewhere else, it isn't like that and now I'm 100x more conscious about my entire scalp, I know you all mean well but THINK DARLS, I'm wanting these bad boys to surivive ANYTHING, a simple ponytail is nothing.

You Will Only Wash Your Hair Once a Week.

Before the 'ewwwwww' comments start, I do actually bathe more than that, I'm not a scruff (but I do bet someone who does wash once a week just popped into your head, didn't they? You're welcome.) but basically to stop the extensions from drying out I wash my hair once a week, dry shampoo is currently my best friend to ever grace this Earth. But, if I do feel as though my hair does desperately need a wash, I will very obviously give it one.

I think that covers every single question I've ever been asked in my entire life? If there's any questions I've missed I really don't know what to tell you. For updates on when and why I post just fill out the few little boxes at the side for e-mail notifs!

Basic Information About my Hair:

I wear two packs of 22" Remi Cachet Tape-In Extensions from Additional Lengths in the shade T5/55, my hair was a mousey brown and was bleached and toned to get to the colour I am now. My roots are NOT naturally brown, the root is fake and created using a dye fade with a brown dye, this has washed out now to match my natural colour (muddy blonde I like to call it?).


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