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Top 2019 Moments: Yearly Recap

Hey everyone!

During this lockdown, I've obviously had a lot of thoughts about what might have happened if this hadn't had, and the things that have happened the past year that I really took for granted. This is probably the most personal post I've put up here to date, but hey! It doesn't hurt to know me, right?! Instead of having (another) breakdown about this whole situation this evening, I decided to sit and look over the past year and hand-pick some of my favourite moments! (I apologize to my friends in advance if you're in this, deal with it!)

This probably gave me a massive wake-up call on how much everything can change in a year, and who knows where I'll be next year? Hopefully, I can make another one of these and look back year on year.

My 18th Birthday

This is probably the thing I looked forward to the most last year, because, let's face it, who doesn't love the idea of legally getting into a club? I spent my 18th with my friends and family, and the day/night after in York with a few of my friends. Honestly, I don't think I would have had it any other way. I think this really did show me how much everything can change in a year's time, and it's made me realize how much the world can change in a year!

Radio One's Big Weekend, Middlesbrough

Alright, this is probably the best thing that happened in Boro, probably ever. From the security doing weed in the bushes to not having enough port-a-loos, this really was a typical Boro event, at least in my opinion. It was the most fun I've ever had (I think?!) and I know me and other people would love to do that weekend again... Even if it did mean the stress of sitting around the computer for tickets!

Passing my A-Levels

This is something that was two-years in the making, caused me a lot of stress and honestly, I'm still not 100% sure if it was even worth it. I'm so glad about me actually going to college, I've met some of my best friends there, and I've learned a lot about myself (and others) during my time there. For all it probably wasn't the best option for me, it was in terms of my social life and finding out what I actually wanted to do, even if I could have got myself to this same position through a different route. Meeting the friends I have now through college has given me some of the best memories I have, and I know I've found some friends for life, so for that the experience was well worth it.

Weekend Breaks Away

I think at one point I was only home every-other-weekend, I was never at one place longer than a week! This often was a group of us heading to different cities and towns (mainly Newcastle and York, the usual) and heading straight out for the night and coming in with a bad headache the next day, but there are a few memorable ones where I was able to get a few pics! The main being a glamping pod we found at Bainbridge Country Ings. I actually blogged about this on an old website I used to write, but since I've invested in this one (yes, real cash moneys) I figured I'd try and incorporate one of my favourite old pieces into this one! We're looking to do this again, or another similar, at the end of the year (if we ever get there at this rate), but what will be will be, it was a lovely little place to stay.

That's everything for my major events in 2019, if I'm being honest I'm running low on content, I have a few clothing pieces and styling pieces to create if I'm feeling up to it, but the next post you can expect is probably an update on my skincare routine! (If you haven't read it, you can do so by clicking here) but don't hold it to me, I'm trying to get my motivation back, but it's getting there! I actually really enjoyed looking back on the past year, if I haven't said that already, and I do think it's stopped me from taking things for granted. There are sooo many moments I haven't included, mainly for the privacy for my friends (getting a new job was one of them!) and there are so many little moments that I haven't included, but this post would be a mile long if I included them!

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