Top 8 Luxury Brand Faves of 2020

Hey guys!

I realised that recently I haven't really been creating content I've been actually quite impressed with (to say so myself) and honestly I need to get back to what I love, so where's better to start than day-dreaming about my favourite designer brands and some bags I actually might just die for.

These are all pieces I've had my eye on for a while, and have seen some of my faves wearing! So here it is!


I feel like this is a statatement that we've been on basically every influencer since 2017 and I'm honestly obsessed.

Photo via Pinterest

I think I prefer gold jewellery over silver, and honestly these are so recognisable and beautiful in sets. I also love the idea of having jewellery that you can’t take off, odd I know, but you need a screwdriver to take this piece on and off, which is pretty cool.


Anyone in my family knows I've been gawking over these for the last year, I think having a pair of (any) boots are such a staple, and the snake stamp in the bottom is an absolute mood.

Photo via Pinterest

Seriously though I feel like I can't find a good pair of boots that match the design of these, and these are definitely a pair I'd only ever buy if I could genuinely not live without them (bit extreme but you know).


When I say I'd die for a bag, this is the bag. Ohhh my god, I've never seen anything like it, and I feel sorry for anyone around me because whenever we get ono the topic of bags, this is always my number 1.

Photo via Pinterest

I love the classic black colour, but the logo printed one is also unbelievable. I remember first seeing this bag on Jamie Genevieve (a fav) when she went to Paris and I was obsessed with it, and it’s been in my eye ever since.


I feel like everyone either has a pair, or has the fakes. I was so here for the Fila chunky trainer trend and honestly these are the upgrade to these (I think, anyway) and it's the high-end version of that!

Photo via Pinterest

I feel like these are a lot classier than the iconic sock Balenciaga's and you can wear these with something other than leggings.


This is purely to match the ring, like I said, collections of gold jewellery are my weakness.

I love matching jewllery like the next person, but these together are such a power move, I love it.


I feel like this is mainly on trend because of Molly-Mae's recent trip to Ibiza, but honestly big beach bags are an essential on a trip away, so I don't really blame her for buying multiple.

I love the black and white detailing on the bag, and the simplicity of the bag makes it go with anythingggg.


I feel like this is such a timeless classic? Just with the simplistic black leather and gold detailing, especially with the logo.

Photo via Pinterest

It’s just one of those bags that would go with anything and I’m OBSESSED.


I really do believe that these will be my next purchase, ever since I saw Grace Beverley wear them I was in love with them.

I think they’re such a subtle hint to FENDI, and doesn’t scream designer, but they’re so useful to spice up any outfit. Also TALA has some top-tier workout clothing, I said what I said.

This is definitely a post more up my alley, especially considering I’m getting back into the swing of everything! I feel like I’ve started to get the knack for putting outfits together and honestly I love every single piece there!

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Laura x

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