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Ultimate Tan Routine with Sunny Shave

Hey guys!

This one is right up my alley this week! For those that know me know I looooove my fake tan (Bondi Sands Ultra Dark is a dream), and I thought I'd share my tan routine this week with everyone!

I want to say a big thank you this week to Sunny Shave for sending me the most gorgeous PR package, I bought their products a while ago and I was so impressed so when I was sent this package it was the cutest thing ever.

Getting a close Shave without Men‘s Razors

I‘m sure I’m not the only girl that’s complained about their legs still having the sliiiiightest but of stubble even after they’ve shaved, that’s because women’s razors typically have 3 blades, not 5, this is where Sunny Shave stepped in and gave me not one but two of their razors and recyclable razor heads!

I always use the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Scrub before shaving and I used the Sunny Shave Shaving Gel (the foam is AMAZING too) to get that ultra-close shave. It also allows for your skin to be prepped for tan, which honestly is just great.

To Tan or to Wait, Torment to Touch-Ups

I generally used to wait a good day before tanning because the hot water opens your pores and often gets your tan in your hair follicles, so you end up looking a lil like those Dr Pimple Popper videos?? I really hope that makes sense because if not all explanation is lost.

A good few hours is good enough for me though these days, I don’t typically leave it on overnight either I prefer to marinate a bit like a chicken until the following evening, just to make sure it reaches its true depth. I've noticed quite a few girls do this too, especially with the Bondi Sands Ultra Dark tan.

Moisturiser is Key

I've seen looaads of girls rave about the Vaseline Cocoa Moisturiser and now that's literally all I can use, just throw a bit on and let it dry then you're actually just good to go tbf. The smell is UNBELIEVABLE TOO.

I really want to say I do more than this for tanning since I've seen girls all over TikTok doing like 4-hour rituals and I just don't get it? Skip the mess, skip the fuss, get on with it and go! We all have better things to be doing, so why not get on with it with a slightly darker shade?!

Anyway, before I get into the habit of wasting time myself blabbering on for no reason, I'm off! Hopefully, you all enjoyed this post, I'm really starting to find my ground in this sort of content creating space I've somehow created? And I would genuinely like to move onto bigger and better things, but we'll just see what happens, shall we?

-Laura x

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This post includes gifted products, I would not be sharing these products if I did not feel that you, my audience, would not like and/or use these products yourself. Everything I share is with you all in mind.

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