Visiting East Grange Sunflower Field

The end of the Summer season is officially here...

I'm not mad about it, we all know I love Autumn and Winter (they're my favourite seasons, actually) but there was something about the end of the Summer that just hit a little different this year.

As a last ditch attempt to keep the warm vibes around for just a little bit longer, me and Harvey decided to visit the East Grange Sunflower Field in Durham.

What is East Grange?

Honestly I didn't know much about East Grange, until I saw another North East/Teesside blogger make their way over there and another farm (Ox Close Farm) mention them on their socials... after that I was just obsessed with the idea of going.

The family there have been farming at East Grange since 1941 and grow wheat, barley, oats, oilseed, and beans on their farm. During the different seasons they give the public access to their sunflower field, pumpkin patch, and Christmas trees each and every year, bringing the community together (it's such a lovely vibe there).

Now... To The Sunflowers

Aaaa the cutest ever!

We walked into the tent they had set up for everyone to buy different things and give them an intro to the field, and the lovely girl at the desk gave us a quiz (I love a good quiz) to do whilst we walked around the field.

I wouldn't necessarily say it was a maze, but going in right before the rain did give off major Stephen King vibes, but that was killed fairly quickly by kids chasing each other with sunflower stalks.

The walk lasted about an hour, and you could go round as many times as you wanted! We only did the once because we wanted food (typical) but it was more than enough time to get a good look at some beautiful flowers and get some great pictures.

I'd go every day if I could tbh, it was such an amazing atmosphere and it was great to get some fresh air.

What Else Do They Offer?

I didn't actually know this until we arrived, but East Grange has a huuuuge pumpkin patch, where they let the public book to get tickets to go pick their own pumpkins (a must if you have younger kids... or are like me and will do anything for a good Insta pic (follow me here)), and I also didn't know that they offer actual Christmas trees whaaaaaat!

Honestly, this just gives me an even bigger reason to come back.

Are you planning on going to any pumpkin patches anytime soon? Or are you thinking of choosing your own Christmas tree?

Let me know over on my Insta :@laumckeown or over on my Twitter: @lauramckeown__ !

Until the next one,

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