What Should I Do In Somerset? A Week Away

It's been soo busy since I last blogged (I know, I know the same old excuse), especially with Harvey and myself visiting Somerset for the week - so I thought... why not chat about it?

We travelled from Teesside at 10.30am and arrived in Somerset at 4pm, so the long drive was a PAIN but filled with a decent car playlist, it wasn't too bad.

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New Oak Farm Lodges

Let's start with where we stayed for the week, our home away from home if you will.

We stayed in New Oak Farm Lodges, run by a lovely couple called Laura and Gary. They met us with lemon cake on arrival (the most beautiful cake ever) and were so welcoming and made our arrival effortless, especially after our late arrival.

Deep blue autumn skies at a resort in Somerset, with a log cabin and grass in the background.
Beauty Blue Skies

Our lodge was called Chestnut, and was the newest lodge arrival according to Laura, having the newest hot tub and layout of all 6 lodges available. They only opened it for 6 lettings in February 2020 before the pandemic, so you can imagine how happy they were to get it up and running again!

We had an ideal view of a lovely farmers' field (SO MANY SHEEP!), which in return gave us the most beautiful sunsets. I'd even managed to take a couple of pretty cool time-lapses of the sunset whilst we were away, which was something I'd never usually do at home!

Haynes International Motor Museum

I'm not usually a vintage car fan... but I could get behind this!

I didn't have very high hopes for this, considering I don't even know the ins and outs of my own car, let alone a whole bunch of cars that are a hell of a lot older than I am. But apparently, I continue to surprise myself over and over with things like this (I mean I did attend Croft BTCC this year, so can I at least get a little credit for that?)

A ticket in front of a line-up of polished, red vintage cars.
The 'Red Room' at Haynes International Motor Museum

Home to 17 exhibition areas, Haynes International Motor Museum is ideal for anyone interested in cars (or pretty colours, like me) who wants to learn more about the extensive collection kept inside this museum. Thankfully, they had plaques with the date the car was manufactured, the car's worth when it was released and all of the information any car enthusiast or newbie would need to understand the history of the place and everything inside.

A collection of vintage cars in a museum, including a VW Beetle.
Just Some of Haynes' Vintage Car Collection

I think the thing I found most interesting was the F1 exhibition, which had actual pieces of one of the cars after a crash, and the steps they've taken to prevent things like this. Haynes is also home to a cinema room, which plays a 10-minute video all about the tracks and what they do on race day.

Another thing I found really interesting was the Haynes' Red Room, home to an extensive (and I mean EXTENSIVE) amount of red cars and the significance behind it all! Surprisingly, some of the biggest companies have red in their logo because 'it causes such an innate connection with humans', which I can understand. This was extremely interesting for me, especially from a marketing perspective as this is something I've always been interested in and what I'm currently studying/working in! Who knew I could relate to a bunch of cars?

Can we all tell I've taken an interest?

This was 100% a highlight for me, and something I would definitely do the 6-hour trip back down to re-visit, surprisingly.

Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

Animals are so cute, yes?

If you agree, I'd 100% recommend visiting Noah's Ark Zoo Farm.

This was a last-minute decision of ours, I really didn't think I'd be visiting a zoo whilst we were away... but here we are.

For anyone that doesn't know, I am a huge animal lover and I fully believe I could convince a bear to give me a hug. So this was definitely right up my alley.

The weather was a little worse for wear when we visited the zoo, which made me initially skeptical just because of how quiet the whole place was, but it's not like we can control the rain! I do love visiting zoos (preferably drive-thru zoos, just because I like seeing the animals in a more open space), so this was a great opportunity to do something I love.

Noah's Ark Zoo has such a wide range of animals, including two huge elephants (I've forgotten their names so they're now called Linda and Barry in my eyes), and we were able to get so close to them whilst they were feeding! Safely of course...

Swipe to see some of my faves!

It was amazing to be able to visit a zoo that was so well-priced (great for bigger families and those wanting a quick run out with the kids) but also one that offered so much!

I am especially a lover of small animals, so it was great to see a whole bunch of my favourites!

As we were walking back to the car park, we decided to visit their Farm Shop, which is home to some of the local produce available. But, considering we were close to heading home at this point (still low-key heartbroken about it), we decided to buy some of their Salted Caramel cake, which was so lovely.

Fondo Lounge

I am the definition of a fussy eater - give me chicken nuggets and potato smilies and I'll always be happy.

So when Harvey mentioned going somewhere to eat, it made my heart jump a little just in case I end up not wanting anything (dramatic, I know) but the impending doom of potentially ruining a meal is not a vibe. I hope anyone can relate or am I actually speaking into the void?

Fried chicken with noodles, on a bed of stemmed broccoli and peppers.
Fondo Lounges' Bang Bang Chicken

The Fondo Lounges' menu was a great surprise, with something for genuinely everyone (even me).

This was based right outside the Clark Village Outlet in Somerset (I think, don't quote me on that), which gave us a great little Christmas walkthrough to get to the area.

The restaurant itself was great, really central but with a great quirky decor of a whole bunch of old portraits (some might say creepy, I say cute). The staff were so welcoming and would do anything to make sure our time was amazing.

Not much else to say other than amazing staff and an amazing selection of food! Can we tell I'm not a food blogger...

Well, that's pretty much the rundown of our entire week!

I do think that this was one of our favourite places to visit, and this is somewhere we'd definitely look at coming back to. Next time, I'd love to plan our days out a little more and make sure we had something to do every single day - but holidays are there for relaxing!

Until the next one,

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