I am happy to accept gifted products and share these on my social channels provided they are relevant to my content and appealing to my audience. I will not share something that I am not interested in myself. Any items that are gifted does not automatically mean they will be advertised on my social media channels, please contact me at prior to sending if you require this. Everything gifted or affiliate linked is stated in posts at the end and/or captioned in photos, this is to let my audience know which content was paid for by myself and which items were gifted by companies. 

You can also contact my agency @my.influencers.

     Gifted content will be dominantly shown on my Instagram, with the select few being showcased on Laura Elizabeth, this is to ensure the audience reach of the products as I have a wider following on my socials. This is to benefit both parties. Products

          that are fitting to blog posts in the making will be included where applicable/appropriate,

                    however, there is no guarantee that products gifted will be showed



All posts about all products are my own opinion, this will not be influenced by whether a product was gifted to me or whether I bought the items out of my own pocket. The aim of my blog is to 100& transparent with my audience and as previously stated, I will never share something I would not use myself. 


If you would like a giveaway to be hosted by Laura Elizabeth please follow the contact me procedures to develop an agreement prior to this. This is so both parties know the details of the giveaway and what is expected from both ends. I will not participate in giveaways that are not relevant and/or interesting to my audience, I aim to keep my audience in mind when collaborating with companies. 


Any skincare/make-up products posted work with my skin, this does not mean it will work for yours! Please, please patch-test and make sure that your skin is able to cope and benefit from the products I mention. I am not responsible if products do not work for your skin.

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